About Us

Vermilion Oaks Ranch is a family owned hay farm and cattle ranch dedicated to raising quality beef in a safe and natural environment. Cattle ranching has been a family tradition since the first Acadians (Cajuns) settled in Southwest Louisiana. Our ranch has been maintained on the same property for four generations.

In 2017 we were certified by the state of Louisiana as grass fed beef producers. We offer a beef product that is lean, free of antibiotic and growth hormones, yet does not sacrifice flavor. Today’s consumer deserves to know the origin of the beef they purchase to ensure their families are eating a safe and healthy product.

Our products include ground meat, cuts for grilling, roast, liver, brisket, soup meat, bones for broth, specialty items such as tongue and tail, and much more. We also offer freezer calves that are raised in the same safe environment and finished on grain.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality beef product through superior genetics. We are proud to say “We Breed Beef”!